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5 easy ways to cut wedding costs

Nadine Cheung
by Nadine Cheung, Dimespring Contributor  (@nadinecheung)

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but planning for it can be a giant headache, especially when the bills start pouring in. Fear not, soon-to-be-newlyweds. There are several ways to shave down the costs of your big day.

Save-the-Dates and Invitations
Stationery can cost thousands of dollars to print, but there are easy ways to skimp on this necessity. Save-the-dates and invitations don’t have to be done in expensive letterpress – you can spread the word with free online stationery options. Sites like Paperless Post and Cocodot offer beautifully designed e-cards that are eco-friendly and get the job done. If you prefer to design your own, there’s that option, too. Not only will you appear to be tech savvy and environmentally conscious, but you’ll save on postage, as well.

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The Cake
These days, wedding cakes come in all different shapes and sizes, but instead of a multi-tiered dessert, cupcakes are a great way to elegantly share the moment with your guests. You can order classic cupcakes from your local bakery and add your own wedding-themed decorations to save even more. Many couples also choose to have a small wedding cake for cutting purposes, but order a sheet cake in the same flavor, which can be cut and plated behind closed doors.

The Flowers
Flowers can be a quick budget-killer, depending on your taste. Consider DIY bouquets and centerpieces, especially if you’re a planner by nature. With a little patience and forethought, you can save thousands (and maybe even have a little fun while doing it). If you go with a florist, reuse the ceremony arrangements for your reception, and don’t toss wilted or less than stellar bouquets! You can pluck the petals and use them as enchanting table decoration.

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The Food
One of the biggest complaints about weddings is how the prepared dinner is never as good as the cocktail hour. So, you might want to consider tossing the sit-down meal all together. This idea is a bit unconventional, but it may be more exciting and delicious in the end. Another way to save is by choosing to serve a buffet-style dinner. Buffets are wallet-friendly, and can be a communal experience for your guests.

The Drinks
If alcohol is not a priority for you, cutting back on the open bar can save you additional costs on your special day. Instead of a full bar of expensive top-shelf liquor, offer your friends and family beer and wine options. With so much excitement in the air, no one will think twice about it, and there will still be plenty of spirits with which to raise a glass in your honor.

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