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7 tips for handling that loose change

Nadine Cheung
by Nadine Cheung, Dimespring Contributor  (@nadinecheung)

Piggy banks are used to help children understand the concepts of money and saving, but the change holders aren’t just for kids. There are many coin banks out there that are made for adults, and can help reinforce the idea of saving for grown-ups, too.

According to Coinstar, the average household has about $90 of loose change lying around. Save that up over time and it could amount to a sizable slush fund. Of course, once you’ve collected a decent amount of coins (aka an amount that’s not annoying to carry), there are several places you can go to exchange them for dollars.

Coinstar is the obvious choice, but unless you choose its gift card option, you’ll be charged a steep 9.8 percent processing fee. Still, for “found money,” you could simply chalk this up to the cost of convenience.

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TD Bank offers self-service coin-counting machines at many of its nationwide branches, and you don’t have to be a bank customer to use them. However, TD Bank account holders will get the full value of their exchange, while others will be charged a 6 percent fee.

Ready to let change do you good? Check out seven cool coin banks that will help you save, and allow you to express your own personal style.

Kikkerland Owl Coin Bank
Owls represent wisdom and knowledge, which is why this ceramic bank is a great inspirational choice. The white accent will complement any home, and its low price tag can’t be beat. Savings Suggestion: Set up a bank account just for your “owl-y bank” money and use it for your next vacation.



Emerson Digital Coin Bank
This coin bank takes all the guesswork out of saving your change. It comes with a handy LCD screen counter that tells you just how much you’ve got. Techies, rejoice. Savings Suggestion: Pay a bill! Knowing how much you have in your coin bank will allow you to quickly choose an account to apply it to. It’ll feel like you’re getting a free month of service.



IMAX Folk Art Piggy Bank
If your personal style leans toward country, this folk art-inspired porcelain piece will look perfect in your home. The colorful details put a different twist on the classic piggy bank, and work as an interesting pattern for any room. Savings Suggestion: When your bank is full, save it for a rainy day. The next time you’re feeling blue, cash it out and buy yourself something you’ve wanted for a long time, guilt-free.




Coca-Cola Bottle Bank
This classic bank has been popular for decades, and still gives off a nostalgic feel. At about 24 inches tall, this plastic item holds a ton of change. So, if you’re a long-term saver, this one’s for you. Savings Suggestion: You’ll likely have several hundred dollars (if not more) if you fill up this bank. Put it in a money market fund or, if you’re adventurous, buy some shares of a solid stock.




Le Mouton Noir BB Piggy Bank, Glossy White
This little piggy looks oh-so-happy, and its beautiful modern design takes saving to a whole new level. The porcelain bank has a long slot in the back, but it’s so sleek that guests will never know the artistic piece is storing your loose change. Savings Suggestion: Donate your “found money.” Donating can sometimes be difficult, especially when you’re on a budget, but since this is extra money that hasn’t been accounted for, you can use it to do some good.



Kikkerland Gold Bar Coin Bank
Here’s a coin bank that offers a striking visual of your potential riches. It’s kitschy and fun, and will add a little bit of bling to your home. Savings Suggestion: Pay for something boring. Use the money to get an oil change or another service that you’ve been putting off.



Money Savvy Pig
Okay, so this piggy bank is legitimately made for kids, but it boasts four compartments that any adult could use. Each chamber – save, spend, donate, invest – empties independently so you can stick to its designated goal. Savings Suggestion: Don’t deviate from the set targets. Small increments will lead to big savings, if you adhere to these four goals.



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