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Ask Jane: Is my spouse responsible for debts I incur?

Jane Bryant Quinn
by Jane Bryant Quinn, Dimespring Contributor  (@janebryantquinn)

I hope this question doesn’t mean that you’re about to go on a spending spree, and bolt. Or that your adorable spouse is threatening not to pay your bills. Please, please, let’s settle this amicably!

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Here are the rules:

  1. You are both responsible for any debts run up on a joint credit card, no matter who made the purchase. That’s also true of co-signed debts – for example, a mortgage or student loan.
  2. In most states, your spouse isn’t responsible for your personal debts, put on your personal card. However, in a community property state, A spouse might have to pay at least some of the debt in a community property state, if the creditor puts his or her name on a lawsuit seeking a judgment. Normally, however, the creditor will go after only you.
  3. In any state, a creditor could go after your spouse if you used your personal card to pay for essentials that you both used – say, furniture or rent. Again, that would be the creditor’s decision.


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