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Debt Destroyer: Ditching an apartment for RV living

Natalie H.
by Natalie H. , Dimespring 30

Sometimes, with all that happens in life, you want to look for any escape to help you get through. I especially feel that way when it comes time to pay my rent.

Occasionally I wonder what it would be like to move out of my apartment, buy an RV and purchase a little bit of land somewhere. It would hopefully be somewhere nice with a view of some lake or river. It would be like taking a cheap vacation away from everything that had to do with finance.

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Maybe you think I am crazy. Maybe you have thought about this yourself. Either way, I think it is a great proposition for a number of reasons. 

First of all, you can get a good, used RV for about $5,000 to $10,000, if you are happy with just the basics. Also, depending on where you live, you can get a few miles of land for dirt-cheap. In my area, you can get a few hundred acres for a couple thousand dollars, so getting a few acres wouldn’t be too expensive.

If you want easy access to food and water, you can move your RVF to a camping ground that has a water and electricity hook-up. You would have to pay “rent” but that usually wouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred bucks a month usually and that’s with utilities.

There are other pros to living in an RV. You could learn to appreciate nature more, as it would be much easier when it's right at your doorstep. Life would be much simpler, as there would be less to worry about if you only had to maintain a space of about 200 square feet or less. I could clean everything in less than an hour and have it be spotless. Maintenance would be a breeze for the most part and I could move my “house” anywhere I want to go, should the need arise.

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Obviously, I am not going to move out of my apartment and move into an RV. It may sound tempting but I know that I am not completely ready for that yet. I also know that there will always be drawbacks to any lifestyle, and these things must be carefully considered before attempting a major change. This is a nice idea though when you want to live a financially simple life. I think we all need a daydream like this sometimes, especially around bill-paying time.

Natalie lives in the Southeast with her boyfriend, dog and her collection of vintage art posters. When she is not kicking debt in the face, she enjoys writing, dancing, jogging and reading about personal finance. Natalie is a member of the Dimespring 30, a community of bloggers sharing their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on personal finance.