Money Talks, So Should You

Debt Destroyer: Imagining a world where people save instead of spend

Natalie H.
by Natalie H. , Dimespring 30

In this country, we have almost a fervent need to look better than our friends and have a better financial status than our neighbors. We are taught at an early age the importance of acquiring things and having the flashiest of everything.

If you turn on the television, it is easy to see celebrities with pricey handbags and shiny new cars. It is easy to get wrapped up in that delusion but what if people changed their perspective?

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What if instead of having the most stuff, people competed with one another to have the most savings?

I have to say that people competing with one another to out save one another sounds pretty awesome. Can you imagine what that would look like? Instead of driving brand new cars, people would compete with one another to see who could drive the rustiest, cheapest vehicle that could possibly find?

The cars would still need to be safe, but there would be no fancy features added. It would be bare bones but efficient. People could also compete to living in small but comfortable homes. There would be no need to purchase huge, ridiculous Mcmansions especially when most people can’t afford them. People would be competing more buy living on less.

It wouldn’t necessarily have to be limited to houses and cars either.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to see people actually being competitive with one another on clothing as well? People would wear clothes that they had for years and were well-worn.

There wouldn’t be any need to buy fashion magazines either as people would wear just what they had anyway. It would provide another opportunity for people to trade clothes with one another.

Food is a huge expense for many people. In addition to that, many people spend lots of money buying organic produce in order to reap the health benefits. The truth of the matter is there is a ton of money that can be saved by planting your own herbs and vegetables. Small window boxes can help for people who are low on space.

Planting gardens used to bring people together especially during times of crisis. It can help with your wallet as well.

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The bottom line is that we live in a society that values stuff over substance. Knowing how to save money will keep you sane when everyone else is flaunting their stuff. Remember that knowing you have money in the bank is the greatest feeling. Financial security is always more important than the latest electronic device anyway.


Natalie lives in the Southeast with her boyfriend, dog and her collection of vintage art posters. When she is not kicking debt in the face, she enjoys writing, dancing, jogging and reading about personal finance. Natalie is a member of the Dimespring 30, a community of bloggers sharing their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on personal finance.