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Debt Destroyer: Working together in a relationship can save you money

Natalie H.
by Natalie H. , Dimespring 30

There are many types of people and many types of relationships. Some couples have one person take complete control of the finances while others share the responsibility. Some people love to keep the books in order while others run from the very thought of dealing with finances. No matter how the money is handled, being responsible and figuring out a financial plan that works for both of you is very important.

My boyfriend and I each have our own strengths, and we try to do what we’re best at in the household. He cooks while I keep things clean. He works more hours at his job and I do the laundry to compensate. I also take care of paying the bills and handling all the finances. I am just better at keeping up with due dates and paperwork. We even have a joke that if the bill-paying was up to my boyfriend, the lights would be turned off within the week due to lack of payment. For all parties concerned, it is just easier if I do the paperwork.

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Despite the fact that I handle most of the money stuff, we both make it a point to keep each other informed on what we have and what we are spending. We do this so no one is in the dark about the finances, which is an all-too-common mistake.

We try to sit down every once in a while and discuss what we want and how much we need to save. Having discussions on money is one the most vital parts of keeping a relationship on good terms, as money is one the biggest things that couples fight about.

Handling a budget together is also something that can save so much money if both people make a commitment to stick to it. I have to admit that we do sometimes fight over what we should buy, but we have a pretty unified idea of our budget.

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There are times one of us will go over on expenses, but that’s okay as long as we both learn for next time. If two people are not on the same page, then the results can be disastrous. I have certainly known people who have been almost left in the poor house because one partner saves while the other buys everything in sight.

Taking the time to check the finances and making an effort to be financially responsible can save you thousands, if not more. Both people must be committed to saving or it will not work. Trust me, it really helps a relationship to be in a harmonious state if the money thing is in order. It’s so much easier to deal with everything else if you work together and not separately when it comes to the finances.

How do you manage finances in your relationship?


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