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10 companies to follow on Twitter for great deals

Hannah Kim
by Hannah Kim, Staff Writer (@dimespring)

Twitter is more than just a way to find out who Kim Kardashian hung out with last night or what Ashton Kutcher just had for lunch. It has also become a great way for companies to interact with their customers to address grievances or complaints and spread the word about their latest products and services.

But one of the biggest reasons why I’m obsessed with following some of these companies on Twitter is because I find it to be one of the most effective way to find great deals. By following these companies, I’m able to peruse exclusive bargains in concise messages of 140 characters or fewer, which makes it very easy and convenient to read. However, the instantaneous nature of Twitter means you’ll have to act quickly to find savings as they may only be available for 24 hours or on a first-come-first-served basis.

Below are 10 companies that are using Twitter to help customers stay on top of the latest sales or deals from flights to toys. I’ve found they tweet about great deals, prizes, and giveaways in fun, creative and engaging ways. Take a look below to see some sample savings you can see on your Twitter feed when you start following these companies.

JetBlue Airways

Followers: 1,678,453

Between JetBlue’s updates on delays or traveling tips, you’ll see tweets for cheap flights. You’ll have to act fast though to snag those flights as JetBlue’s fan base is close to 1.7 million followers and growing.


Followers: 1,514,010

Schools, businesses and consumers will all find serious savings on Dell laptops, desktops and servers by following Dell Outlet. Many are refurbished while some were returned without having been used. Any products purchased on the site also come with free shipping and with new warranty and support.

American Express

Followers: 537,241

AmericanExpress is creative and well-versed in the social media scene, allowing card members to find exclusive savings by linking their twitter and American Express accounts and tweeting with special offer #hashtags instead of clipping coupons. By partnering with retailers and current events such as restaurant weeks and food festivals, American Express tailors savings around your social life with social media.


Followers: 345,193

Target is a fun follow on Twitter because you can play games and contests to win serious prizes and giveaways. Target recently hosted an Olympic trivia game in which the first person to give the correct answers could win $100 or $250 gift cards. Target also regularly posts deals and discounts that are exclusively on Twitter such as this discounted Nook e-reader.

Toys R Us

Followers: 263,131

If you’re a parent who needs to keep replacing toys to keep your kid entertained, you may want to start following @ToysRUS to keep up with the latest sales. From in-store sales to cybersales, they’re harder to resist when they’re urgently written in all caps: SAVE up to 25% TODAY ONLY!


Followers: 206,222

If you’re looking for everyday savings on everyday supplies, @Staples is a must follow. From coupons, freebies, sweepstakes, sales, giveaways, and rebates, Staples has it all. (Yes,they’ve got those too.)

Best Buy Deals

Followers: 213,925

What can top off a Best Buy you ask? How about a Best Buy Deal? Follow Best Buy’s Deals’ Twitter page for its “Deal of the Day” that offers steep discounts on hard drives, laptops, video games and any other consumer electronics and products.


Followers: 167,794

If you’re a gamer, then Gamestop is a must follow. The video game retailer is always tweeting discounts and sales, so best keep up with it all on Twitter.

Kimpton Hotels

Followers: 20,731

As a hotel chain, it makes sense that Kimpton uses Twitter to interact with its customers to ensure great hospitality and service but it also does a great job in tweeting out sweepstakes, cheap rates, as well as some mystery deals to tease you along the way.


Followers: 7,024

Car parts and accessories are costly which is a good reason why you should follow @Autozone. Not only does the auto parts retailer regularly tweet about rebates, coupons, and gas card giveaways, but the company gives educational tweets about your car that will make you a smarter driver and consumer which pays off in the long run.

Have any favorites that we're missing? Let us know; we’d love to hear from you.

Hannah Kim is a personal finance reporter at Dimespring. She has a master’s of journalism from the University of Maryland and has written for The Business Insider and Before changing careers to journalism, she previously worked in the finance industry for six years in New York City.