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5 budget-friendly summer recipes

Nadine Cheung
by Nadine Cheung, Dimespring Contributor  (@nadinecheung)

Cutting back on expensive meals is an easy way to save money, but that doesn’t mean your family dinners need to sacrifice flavor. There are plenty of ways to make savory home-cooked meals that are both wallet-friendly and delicious.

Summertime is a great season to capitalize on the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are at their peak. It’s a common misconception that farmers’ markets are more expensive than supermarkets – a 2011 study showed that organic items and most conventional items are cheaper at farmers' markets.

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So, when it comes to choosing fresh ingredients for your dishes, buy local. Not only will you get fresher produce, but you’ll save money, too. Ready to cook? Here are a few budget-conscious summer recipes to inspire your next family meal.

Lamb Kebabs with Yogurt Sauce Mediterranean flavors are great for outdoor entertaining. Try this easy recipe at your next barbecue, and feed a group of eight for just 95 cents per serving.

Greek Pasta with Tomatoes and White Beans This Greek-inspired dish is one of our favorites because it takes just 25 minutes to make. When you need something quick and healthy, this can be your go-to meal.

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Fish Tacos with Sesame Ginger Slaw Tilapia is an inexpensive fish that is perfect for this taco recipe, which packs in plenty of flavor. Bonus: Each serving (three tacos) clocks in at less than 400 calories.

Grilled Pork Chops and Onions Grilling is a great way to add serious flavor to your dishes. This recipe also incorporates rosemary and onions for a dish that’s guaranteed to please.

Steaks with Tomato Salad and Creamy Spinach Flat iron steaks are an inexpensive cut that will shine when used in this recipe. Grab fresh tomatoes and onions from the farmers’ market and you’ll have an unforgettable meal.


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