Money Talks, So Should You

Infographic: How much can you save brewing your own beer?

Mike Benzie
by Mike Benzie, Editor (@dimespring)

If you’ve ever home brewed your own beer or even considered it, you may have wondered: Man, how much money could I save if I made all my beer? We talked to Ale Yeah Beer Market store manager Carey Charles, who helped us analyze the real costs in equipment and ingredients. We compared that against the cost of buying the same amount of the same quality beer over a one-year period. Note: one person can only legally brew up to 100 gallons per year. But we ignored this restriction for this test.

Graphic by Ryan Smith. More infographics by Ryan Smith: How to brew your own beer  |  What the "Simpsons" pay to live in Springfield, USA 

Do you homebrew your own beer? Does this graphic seem accurate to you or would it cost you more? Would you be able to do it for less? Let us know in comments below.