Money Talks, So Should You

Infographic: The cost of a date across the U.S.

Marie Gentile
by Marie Gentile, Staff Writer (@dimespring)

From sea to shining sea, romantic hopefuls young and old are looking for love, and nothing brings two people together like a plate of spaghetti and Steven Spielberg. The dinner-and-a-movie date is an oldie but a goodie  a go-to for couples, spouses and first-dates alike. But depending on your zip code, you may be shelling out more than twice as much for that date as people in another part of the land of (romantic) opportunity. Here’s a look at your average date costs across the U.S. 

Graphic by Ryan Smith. More infographics by Ryan Smith: What's the most popular U.S. currency? The cost of being in a wedding party

Marie Gentile is a personal finance reporter and content producer at Dimespring. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Marquette University. A native Midwesterner, Marie is now living in Atlanta and adjusting to life below the Mason-Dixon.