Money Talks, So Should You

Infographic: The cost of visiting the real-life homes of our favorite Disney characters

Marie Gentile
by Marie Gentile, Staff Writer (@dimespring)

Vacations are all about escaping from real life, and what greater escape than visiting the real-life homes of your favorite childhood Disney characters? Be a guest in Belle's provincial abode, paint with the colors of Pocahontas' wind, and dance on the floors of Sleeping Beauty's castle (just watch out for spindles). Forget about the long lines and big crowds of Disney World and consider this princess-inspired globetrotting adventure instead.

Graphic by Ryan Smith. More infographics by Ryan Smith: The value of homes in popular TV shows | The cost of the Simpsons' home in all U.S. Springfields



Marie Gentile is a personal finance reporter and content producer at Dimespring. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Marquette University. A native Midwesterner, Marie is now living in Atlanta and adjusting to life below the Mason-Dixon.