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Is it worth it: 2013 Honda Fit electric car

Clint Williams
by Clint Williams, Dimespring Contributor

A car that gets 118 miles per gallon?

“Wow!” you say, “That’ll save me some money.”

Whoa. Hold on eco-warrior.

The 2013 Honda Fit EV electric car gets the equivalent of 118 miles per gallon, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The plug-in electric version of Honda’s critically acclaimed sub-compact uses 28.6 kilowatt hours of electricity to go 100 miles, making it the most efficient electric car available, the EPA says.

The Fit EV has a range of 82 miles before the battery dies – again leading the pack. That sort of range is double the miles most folks typically drive in a day.

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The Honda Fit EV will scoot, too. For an econo-car, anyway. The electric motor generates 123 horsepower and 188 pound-foot of torque. The torque – the stuff that makes your head snap back when punching the accelerator – of the electric Fit is 77 percent more than that of the gasoline-powered Fit.

Honda will lease the Fit EV to 1,100 customers over a two-year period, beginning with select markets in California and Oregon in the summer of 2012, and adding select East Coast markets in 2013. The cost of the three-year lease is $389 a month.

So, how much money will those lucky few drivers save?


The Honda Fit EV will use about $3.30 of electricity to go 100 miles, according to the Associated Press. A gas-powered Fit would burn about $12 worth of petrol to travel the same distance. If you drive 13,500 miles a year, the fuel costs are $445 for an electric Fit and $1,552 for an old-fashioned Fit. But the sticker price on the Fit EV – if you could buy one instead of lease it – is more than $12,000 above the sticker price of a gas-powered Fit.

The monthly lease payment of a Fit EV will be $389 compared to $284 for a top trim level gas-powered Fit from a Weymouth, Mass. Honda dealer. That means you’ll pay $105 more a month to save about $92 a month in fuel costs.

Oh, and you’d better like blue. The Honda Fit EV is available only in Reflection Blue Pearl.


Clint Williams is an Arizona-based freelancer for DImespring. He has written for the Arizona Republic and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.