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Married to the Money: Do we really need it?

Rachel G.
by Rachel G., Dimespring 30 (@savorysarcasm)

Ah, the age old battle between the often-overzealous ‘want’ and the ever-humble ‘need.’ Let’s get ready to rumble…

As I have mentioned previously, the husband and I are expecting our first child in less than two months (pause for "holy crap" moment … OK). We are beyond excited; however, prior to the wonderful news we were already struggling with our wants, needs and debt.

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Now, it’s a greater struggle since we are making additional purchases for life with a newborn that we wouldn’t be making otherwise. All in all, though, we’ve actually done quite well. We’ve had a tremendous amount of help from family and friends, our baby shower was fantastic and we are making smart purchases and buying with gift cards or money only when we have it.

The difficult part comes when determining between a want and a need. Let’s put it this way: if I were to separate my theoretical wants and needs, my ‘need’ section would be huge. Laughable to most and just huge. After what felt like a little half-time pep talk with my husband about where we’re currently at financially, he mentioned an item we had been eyeing and asked if we really needed that. Sure we wanted it, we’d love it and it would even help when baby comes, but did we need it? Well, if we’re being honest, no (although with a whole 2 seconds prep time I could totally justify it as a need).

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Sometimes all you need is a little half-time re-evaluation and reassessment. Take a moment to remove yourself from the frustrating, always enduring battle between Team Want and Team Need and breathe. If you lost your job today, is that need you think you need still a need? Or should we throw a ‘want’ in there, save the money and move on? Put these decisions in perspective by simply reassessing your wants and needs and you just may shock yourself at what you can comfortably live without regardless of life’s circumstances.

Good pep talk, now get your game face on. The second half is waiting.


Rachel is a young professional living with her husband in Bakersfield, Calif. She started her public relations/social media management agency in 2011 and loves what she does. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and writing for her blog, Savory Sarcasm. She’ll never turn down a good glass of cabernet sauvignon and is obsessed with her two dogs, Gus and Rylee. Rachel is a member of the Dimespring 30, a community of bloggers sharing their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on personal finance.