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Savvy Financial Latina: Ways to have fun without dipping into savings

Savvy Financial Latina
by Savvy Financial Latina, Dimespring 30 (@savvyfinlatina)

It seems like bills never end. I finish paying off the electricity bill, only to have the Internet bill show up. I know lots of families struggle to make ends meet. My husband and I jokingly say that at this point in our lives, we work to survive. After all, most of our budget goes to food and living expenses. So it’s a relief for our pocketbooks when we find ways to entertain ourselves for less.

Here are different ways you can have fun on the cheap:

Host a board game night. Board games are fun and they give you an opportunity to find out more about your friends. Maybe by playing Risk you will find out your best friend is extremely competitive. My friends definitely discovered this about me. Plan a meet-up at someone’s house and ask your pals to bring over their favorite board game.

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Organize a movie night. We all love going to the movies, but tickets can be pricey. My husband and I can easily spend $20-$50 on tickets and food. Why don’t you or your friends host a movie night instead? Watch a movie on Netflix, Hulu or Redbox Instant instead of going out. It’s likely someone has a membership already. The benefits? You can turn on subtitles or pause the movie when people need to go on bathroom breaks. You can also have a marathon viewing session for your favorite show. I know my friends and I want to have a Big Bang Theory marathon, and one of our friends already has the entire series on DVD. Win!

Workout together. Spend some quality time working out with your friends. You get to improve your health and fitness, and enjoy each other’s company. During graduate school I was extremely busy, so I would spend some time catching up with my girlfriend while we worked out. I miss those times. You can, also, go on a walk with your significant other and spend some quality one on one time.

Swim parties. Here in Texas, it’s getting hot and people are hitting the pools. Most of my friends live in apartment complexes, so there are big swimming pools available. We spend a couple hours every weekend just floating and hanging out.

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Check out the library. I love reading. Instead of buying books that you will only read once, go to your public library and check them out instead. Your local tax money is paying for it, so you might as well take advantage of the benefits.

I’m very thankful to have awesome friends who are money conscious. We don’t need to hang out at bars and spend loads of money in order to have fun with each other.

There are many ways you can have fun without dipping into your pocketbooks. I’m going to take advantage of all these this summer.

Savvy Financial Latina is a 20-something woman learning to manage life, career and money in Dallas, Tex. She has a Bachelor’s in Global Business, a Master’s in Supply Chain Management, and an MBA, all without any debt. She now works for a Global 500 company as a sourcing analyst. Savvy Financial Latina is a member of the Dimespring 30, a community of bloggers sharing their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on personal finance.