Money Talks, So Should You

About Dimespring

Dimespring is a community of people with varied backgrounds and interests in personal finance, sharing their unique points of view and advice to help you make better decisions with your money when tackling life’s financial hurdles.

Money plays a role in many events throughout our lives – everything from planning a meal with family to major milestones like buying a home. We understand that everyone’s financial needs are different, so Dimespring’s mission is to blend information from respected financial institutions, news organizations and individuals to create an informing experience tailored to the events that matter most to you.

We encourage you to come to the site often, learn from what our contributors have to say about using money wisely and start to live the life you desire.

What is Dimespring?

Dimespring is an interactive community for people seeking actionable financial advice. Fueled by discussions and content that inspire action, engaging visuals such as infographics, and tools that activate positive financial change, Dimespring educates, entertains and helps you make better-informed personal finance decisions.

Story Behind the Name

Later in life, John D. Rockefeller began distributing dimes to children and young adults he encountered along with a lesson — to create a fortune, work hard and save money. The dimes allowed him to establish a basis of conversation and rapport.

In the same vein, Dimespring facilitates conversation of personal finance. We seek to offer a foundation for friendly, but spirited discussions leading to personal financial growth, springing forth from a beginning as humble as a dime.