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Dimespring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I use DimeSpring without revealing ANY of my personally identifiable information?

Yes, users do not need to provide any personally identifiable information to browse and search the site, or to read any of the information presented on the site. Users are required to use the commenting platform and may have to provide personal information to setup an account. Contributors to the site must use their real first and last name on their profile page and contributions, both of which will be visible to users of the site.

Do contributors have to use their real names?

Yes, we do require contributors to use their real first and last names on contributions. The commenting platform however, does allow the use of aliases.

Can anyone contribute to DimeSpring?

Yes, anyone with experience in an area of personal finance that relates to any of the DimeSpring life events may become a contributor to the site by providing DimeSpring information about their background in personal finance.  With DimeSpring approval, contributors are given a DimeSpring profile page and the ability to post contributions to the site.

Can DimeSpring make editorial changes to contributions?

Yes, DimeSpring does reserve the right to make editorial changes to contributions. However, we are not looking to alter the meaning, context or tone of the prose. Minor copyedits may be made to fix typos or reword bad grammar.

How long after submitting a contribution can I expect it to be published?

Our lead time to publish an article may vary. We have a diligent and dedicated publishing staff that reviews every contribution for adherence to DimeSpring’s editorial policies, while adding Meta data to optimize the contributions visibility on the site and in external search engines. Our goal is to publish contributions the same day they are submitted to the site.

Contributors will receive an email confirmation notification from DimeSpring after their contributions have been published.

Can I report offensive comments others have posted to DimeSpring contributions?

Yes, DimeSpring users, including contributors, may report any comments they deem inappropriate by clicking on the grey flag icon () that appears when placing your mouse over a comment. DimeSpring editors are automatically notified of all reported comments and will review them for appropriateness.

What is Dimespring?

Dimespring is an interactive community for people seeking actionable financial advice. Fueled by discussions and content that inspire action, engaging visuals such as infographics, and tools that activate positive financial change, Dimespring educates, entertains and helps you make better-informed personal finance decisions.

Story Behind the Name

Later in life, John D. Rockefeller began distributing dimes to children and young adults he encountered along with a lesson — to create a fortune, work hard and save money. The dimes allowed him to establish a basis of conversation and rapport.

In the same vein, Dimespring facilitates conversation of personal finance. We seek to offer a foundation for friendly, but spirited discussions leading to personal financial growth, springing forth from a beginning as humble as a dime.