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Dimespring Editorial Policies provides relevant information on a wide variety of personal finance topics to help our readers make better decisions with their money.  Some of the information on the web site is provided by third parties, or by users of the site, and may or may not be applicable to any one individual’s financial situation, nor should it be used in place of professional advice. We rely on you, our reader to choose the information that is most appropriate for you.

As a content provider, we recognize the importance of maintaining high standards for our readers. Each weekday, our staff conducts an editorial review of the latest information from news services and individual contributors who are not employed by DimeSpring and selects timely and relevant personal finance content, publishing it to DimeSpring with attribution that identifies the source.


Before DimeSpring licenses financial content from third-parties for use on the web site, the DimeSpring editorial staff reviews the third-party’s editorial policies for consistency with DimeSpring’s Editorial Policies. The staff also reviews each page or video of third-party licensed content to ensure that each aligns with DimeSpring’s Editorial Policies before it is published to the web site.


We believe valuable content is also available from DimeSpring sponsors, advertisers, and partners, but require that such content is clearly labeled as such.

Some content, modules and banners are labeled “Sponsored” or “Advertisement”. This content has not been reviewed by the DimeSpring editors and is not subject to this Editorial Policy. It is subject to the policies within our Advertising Policy.


DimeSpring encourages individuals who have subject matter expertise in personal finance to contribute text-based content to the web site, which can include – but is not limited to – content in the form of articles, questions and answers/frequently asked questions, blog posts and comments. Only registered members of the site are permitted to contribute content, in accordance to the terms and conditions in the DimeSpring Terms of Use.

The integrity of the content appearing on DimeSpring is important to us, so please keep the following user-contribution guidelines in mind:

1. Your contributions should be original, your thoughts, ideas and advice in your own words. If you choose to reference facts from other published works protected by copyright, you should identify the source of the facts, and not use the same writing structure (combination of words), duplicate the writing verbatim, nor use the same tone, which comprise the creative aspect of the works you are referencing. If you do repurpose content from other sources, you need to be sure to cite the content from those sources:

  • If you reference another writers content by quoting, paraphrasing or alluding to it, you must attribute each reference to its original source
  • If you referenced content from somewhere other than the original source, you should still credit the original source and acknowledge how you got to the content by writing “via” and identifying what led you to the original source. Example X publication via Y blog post
  • You should link your referenced content to its original source if that source is online
  • If you reference content from print publications you should cite the print publication

Deliberately misrepresenting information by not properly attributing portions of a contribution can lead to a preliminary plagiarism investigation by DimeSpring editorial staff.

If the DimeSpring editorial staff suspects plagiarism, or if we receive written notification of copyright infringement, the suspected contribution will be taken down from the site until an investigation can be completed. If plagiarism is determined, DimeSpring will notify the contributor of the infringement and the contribution will remain off the site until revised to comply with DimeSpring’s Editorial Policies.

2. You may embed links within your contributions, to pages on other websites, however the content you are linking to should be relevant to and support the intent of the contribution. Self-promotion within your contribution is fine as long as what is being promoted is a service or product that is relevant to personal finance and the context of your DimeSpring contribution (i.e., a certified public accountant may link to their business web site within their DimeSpring contribution that explains changes to the current tax laws, if their web site or their services provides additional information on current tax laws.)

3. You may embed images in your contributions however, they should be images that you own or that you have gained permission from the source, to distribute.  The images should not be deemed inappropriate for the DimeSpring site.  Inappropriate images are defined as any that:

  • Promote any behavior that would be deemed offensive to the general public, or considered dangerous to their health and well-being
  • Defame individuals of a particular ethnic group, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Include graphic or explicit depictions of sexual or violent acts
  • Photographs depicting individuals or animals in pain or suffering.
  • Photographs of individuals who have not given you permission to use and display images that show their identifiable features
  • Photographs depicting exposed genitalia or breasts

4. Your contribution should be presented solely for the purpose of providing your insights, expertise and advice in a professional manner that the community of Dimespring readers would not find offensive. You should NOT:

  • Use swear words or coarse language
  • Defame an individual or institution
  • Make derogatory statements about a race, religion, or ethnic group
  • Make a statement that advocates any behavior that would be considered harmful to the general public
  • Make a statement that would be considered offensive to any part of the general public

DimeSpring editors reserve the right to remove any user-contribution found to be in violation of the above guidelines, and revoke the contributor’s membership on DimeSpring.

If you feel an article or user-contribution on DimeSpring is offensive or violates the DimeSpring Editorial Policies, please report the offense by contacting us so that we may take appropriate action.


DimeSpring reserves the right to make editorial changes to user-contributions to fix typos, reword bad grammar, or allow DimeSpring some flexibility in promoting contributions on the web site. Our intent is not to alter the meaning, context or tone of the prose of any user-contribution.

All content correction requests, inquiries and suggestions submitted to DimeSpring through the web site are reviewed by the editorial staff to determine an appropriate course of action.

DimeSpring firmly believes that everyone should be empowered with the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions and our hope is to have a spirited, diverse and helpful user-contributions. To that end, any person found to be in violation of our Editorial Policies or Terms of Use could be banned from future participation on the site.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to our readers’ most common content questions, or contact us if you have unanswered questions about the site.